Sunday 6 November 2022

World in Slow Motion

Denmark’s training top logos; Australia’s video message; compliant Five Live pundits referencing those two things. Laudable, helpful, appreciated. But not enough, of course. 

Pulling out isn’t straightforward, perhaps at times feeling impossible, but it’s important to know what the right thing to do is and back out of it, or even better distance yourself completely from it. Now is not the time to take offence at the World Cup being held in Qatar. They were awarded the thing in 2010. The human rights issues were there then too, as they are now. It’s too late to protest against something you are willingly about to fall headfirst in to. There’s little sense in qualifying your qualification. Don’t Show Up. Don’t Go Out. Don’t Start Caring About It Now. Walk Away. You Know How. Don’t Start Caring About It Now. Thank you, Lipa. 

The sudden attack of awareness smacks of a conscience- clearing exercise, of self-justification in ploughing ahead with supporting FIFA and Qatar. Don’t blame us, we’ve said our bit, can we crack on with the football now? 

Doing something of course, is better than nothing, and I was disappointed in myself a couple of weeks ago when a string of offensive views were presented at work, targeting everyone but white straight males, who are apparently a persecuted race. I made points but only in a training top, video message way, in fact if I’m being honest, the training top message was mis-printed and my video had significant audio issues. I didn’t do enough, and hated myself as much as the people projecting their deluded agenda. 

What I want to do is pull out with aplomb, to do the right thing no matter how hard it is. The easy part is not watching Qatar 2022, but the challenge as ever is to back up your beliefs, to spread them as widely as the opposition do. 


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