Sunday 9 February 2020

Midlands News: The Only Way is Down for Villa if Rodgers continues to block out the sun in Leicester

Dazzle-toothed Leicester City midfielder James Maddison has sensationally been approached by leading ITV giant The Only Way is Essex, who in an unconfirmed definite turn of events, expect to prize their man from the King Power Stadium on a cut-price deal.

Ever since the arrival of fellow gnasher-exhibitionist Brendan Rodgers as Head manager, it has been an open secret in football that the City of Leicester is not big enough for both his and Maddison's egos, and yet while the people of the 26th largest city in England were initially tolerant of the reduced light and cramped living conditions (sometimes the pearly whites' of manager and playmaker were utilised to break up the darkness, but there's only so long even those two can look at themselves in the mirror), when results were good, a downturn in league fortunes and a cup exit to local rivals has encouraged TOWIE that they can get Maddison on the cheap.

TOWIE, it is understood, see 'Mads' in a prominent role in their opening credits, decked out in a sharp made-to measure number readjusting his cuff links and allowing a CGI sparkle to bounce off his molars, possibly combined with a wink to camera. The solid side-partin as part of a small island of hair on an otherwise shaved head suggests to many that he carries TOWIE DNA.

Our sources understand that Rodgers will have the final say on any transfer, which indirectly means that TOWIE actually will, as Rodgers would almost certainly propose a counter-offer that would see himself take the Maddison role, or perhaps even play his Dad.

Should the deal break down, TOWIE would likely set their sights on perma-bodied-and-haired Jack Grealish of Aston Villa, although his accent may prove a stumbling block. Grealish, known as "Grealo" to a few, may also be holding out for a move to a rival show to TOWIE that is set nearer his home town of Solihull. A pilot for Made in the Midlands (a working title only, as it sounds similar to another part-scripted production) has yet to be aired, but Grealish is a certainty to be targeted, testing his working relationship with Villa manager Dean Smith and striker Wesley.

Maddison, however, remains No.1 on the TOWIE hist-list, and although some observers will say that such a dramatic move at this still early stage in his career will be an unnecessary gamble, that itself would not put the player off.

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