Saturday 27 August 2022

The Good Foul

Newcastle United full back Kieran Trippier defended his foul on Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne during last Sunday’s 3-3 draw in the Anti-Human Rights derby at St James’ Park, suggesting it was right that his red card was overturned by VAR. 

“I’m not the kind of person to deliberately injure another player” he told Guy Mowbray. 

Very commendable, Kieran, although I note you that are more than happy to play for an ownership that beheads people. 

Sorry. Shame on me. Can I not see the possibility that Kieron is trying to bring down, not just De Bruyne, but the regime from within, beginning with this declaration of morality? His signing on fee and wages? Bah! Just part of the plan. 

I should be more open to the goodness of human beings: it may be tempting to disapprove of Newcastle manager Eddie Howe doing the job while pretending not to hear certain journalists asking for his opinion on the alarming death rate conducted by his Saudi employers, but might he too be  working underground, playing the long-game, taking secret messages from like-minded activists covertly positioned in the training ground, the canteen, laundry room, the Men Only Freddie Shepherd lounge?

The challenge of course, is to not to get distracted by the improvement on the pitch, the suddenly plausible prospect of European football, of one day actually beating City. Or fitting into the surroundings like compliant citizens, quite happy actually with how things are turning out. Not being the kind of people to deliberately harm the golden goose. 

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